Audio&Video cables

The broadcast, professional, and commercial AV industry's has increased the demand for reliable and high-quality HD video and audio transmission. In this scenario, high-quality video and audio cables are essential to win the tight competition of the market.

Nowadays, cables need to deliver flawless media content as HD and live streaming applications, whose demand has exponentially grown in the last decade. Performance and reliability of video circuits is vital to guarantee a clear HD image. These video cables must be physically robust, flexible and have superior crash resistance and noise rejection.

Quality is vital also in audio cables; bad quality affects the power distribution, imagining and response of audio signal. Cancelling out electromagnetic noise from sources has become vital also for these cables, which should have high screening attenuation and low transfer impedance.

An example is represented by RG cables, where the copper and aluminium copper clad wire quality, as well as foaming extrusion, are part of the efficiency of signal.

We are on the business since decades and our teams have all the technical expertise and know how to design and manufacture the most practical solution for you, saving measurable time and money. All our solutions are tested in all their parts and all lines have the latest state of the art control panel to ensure the highest possible performance. SAMP engineering solutions are manufactured to strict quality standards. The whole supply chain is tested and fully controlled in order to offer you the best quality and performance available on the market from the drawing (single wire & multi-wire) to the extrusion (insulation & sheathing), passing through the wire assembling (bunching).