Battery cables

Battery cables market, especially in the automotive application, is facing a big change in row material moving from a copper to aluminium. Today, aluminium represents a better option inasmuch as its price is stable and reduces the weight of the electrical distribution system and harnesses. Although, aluminium wire is less fault-tolerant than copper wire; today aluminium battery cables are manufactured for the mass production, too.

Automotive battery cables must be resistant to heat, acid and oil and are mainly divided in:

  • Ground Battery Cable
  • Starter Battery Cable

The main characteristics of these cables are:

  • Good abrasion and cut resistance
  • Excellent flexibility even at low temperatures
  • Strength
  • Long life
  • Withstand to extreme environment including dust, harsh, vibration and chemical agents

At SAMP, thanks to our rich history of technology, innovation expertise and solid know how, we are able to provide you customized solutions satisfying your needs. All our solutions are in accordance with international standards and norms. Our lines enable you to manufacture efficient battery cables in line with ISO, JASO, SAE and other national and regional specifications and specific requirements for environmental concerns, space constraints and signal transmission. SAMP high quality is ensured at any of our production facilities thanks to a planned standardization of methods and processes from the drawing (single wire & multi-wire) to the extrusion (insulation & sheathing), passing through the wire assembling (bunching).