Harness Cables

The wiring harness is engineered for the automotive business and it is composed of sets of wires, terminals and connectors that run throughout the entire vehicle and relay information and electric power. The conductors are made of copper, aluminium and alloys in order to cover all different applications, as much as the many different insulation materials.

A very important characteristic of this wire type is the flexibility which is obtained by many fine bunched wires. This is the reason why accurate machines like the SAMP models are needed for multi-wire drawing and bunching.

Another detail of this cable type is the colour quantity. In fact, this application needs many different stripe colours and insulation colours (skin included). SAMP extrusion lines proposes various solutions in order to change the requested colours in a very short time during the insulation production without any speed reduction.

All customers need their production to be at the highest quality and most reliable level for the automotive industry. With the SAMP machines you can find the quality and reliability you need.

The continuous development of new cars requires space saving and weight saving, reducing the wire sections, changing alloys and insulation materials.

As for the low smoke insulation materials and high temperature resistance insulation materials in particular, working with accurate extruders in terms of temperature control and output management for the best final product is vital. At SAMP you can find this type of knowledge.

By the way, as mentioned before, in SAMP you find all the support needed for the production of wires dedicated to the production of harnesses: complete lines engineered for the wire rod breakdown, multi-wire drawing, multi-wire bunching and wire insulation in order to reach the highest cable performance needed. Flexibility, efficiency, productivity and reliability are the main characteristics of SAMP lines.