High Temperature Cables

The demand of high temperature resistant cables has increased and their fields of application expanded to automotive, aerospace and submergible pumps. These industries require reliable materials able to withstand temperatures above 200°C. Moreover, they must withstand to oil, chemical agents, moisture etc.

Materials for wire conductors are tin plated copper, nickel plated copper or silver plated copper as well as insulation materials like to PEEK, TPE, TPE-E, FEP, ETFE, X-ETFE, PFA and MFA.

At Sampsistemi, the experience with high-temperature materials dates back to over 20 years ago with LAN and Coax products and continues today with a number of innovative solutions according to different materials, specifically engineered to guarantee scrap reduction with the easiest line set-up.

We have developed a new family of drawing/annealing machines and extruders specially engineered to meet these requirements allowing you to boost your production ensuring the highest quality level of your final product.

We strongly believe in innovation and technology, in doing so we never stop in designing and developing new solutions. Our solid knowledge in wire and cable industry is daily fed by our R&D department, who is always looking for new innovative solutions to boost your productive and reduce your costs.  

Our philosophy is to establish solid relationships with clients as well as with business partners in order to ensure the best quality possible. An example is our long time collaboration with CJ-TEK (Swiss cross-head supplier). We can guarantee the highest performance available on the market in terms of linear speed, wire eccentricity and insulation propriety.