MV&HV Cables

Power MV and HV cables are specially designed and manufactured for use with a voltage from 10kV up to 220 kV. Conductors for MV and HV power can be made with copper, aluminium and related alloys; when they are up to 1200 sq. mm their configuration is circular compacted and stranded. The insulation used can vary from EPR to XLPE including PVC or PE for sheathing.

The power medium voltage cables, between 10kV and 33kV, are mainly designed to suit the petrochemical, power generation, wastewater treatment, food processing, transportation, commercial, industrial markets and utility applications. These cables must be manufactured to ensure excellent heat ageing, reliability, wet electrical stability and flexibility.

In power high voltage cables the insulation system must be stronger and not perishable due to the high voltage stress, which is over 50kV. The difference between LV and MV configuration is given by additional layers in the insulation jackets that have a control function.

We are committed to deliver the highest quality solution. To do so, Sampsistemi manufactures versatile solutions covering all clients' requirements. Our extensive technical and engineering know how and state of the art worldwide plants enable us to constantly design and manufacture drawing, bunching and extrusion lines suitable for your specific needs.