Steel Wire Ropes

Steel wire ropes are widely used in many applications such as crane, tower crane, surface and underground mining, excavation, logging of any type of terrain, tramway, elevator, oil and gas, drilling, marine and electrical constructions.

The selection of a rope must consider the strength, fatigue and abrasion resistance, crushing resistance, resistance to metal loss and deformation, resistance to rotation and the operating conditions. A special designed is required in particularly unusual operating conditions.

The type of wire used affects wire rope performances. High carbon steel bright (uncoated) wire is the material most commonly used. To improve corrosion resistance, galvanized wire or stainless steel 18/8 is used in those applications where high resistance to corrosion is required.

In some applications, where a cleaner operation or longer service life is required, a plastic impregnated wire rope is used. In other applications, wire ropes are coated with nylon or other plastic materials. This coating extends the life and protects the rope against abrasion, seals, dirt, moisture, corrosion etc. Another advantage is the protection against abrasion of pulleys and drums.

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