Steel Wire

Steel wire is used for a wide range of applications such as wire for tyres, hoses, galvanized wire and strands, ACSR strands and armouring of conductor cables, springs, fasteners, clips, staples, mesh, fencing, screws, nails, barbed wire, chains etc. Electroplated steel is also widely used like copper plated wire for welding application, aluminium clad steel wire is applied for OHL conductors and OPGW applications.

The term steel wire is usually intended as carbon steel wire, but stainless steel and other alloys are used for many applications. Regarding carbon steel wire, the carbon content gives steel its strength and, higher the carbon content higher the tensile strength, but lower the malleability: this results in greater difficulties during the bending and forming process. Heat treatments help in these issues.

The application of an external plastic coating to a galvanized steel wire increases the corrosion resistance. In recent years, the development of a greater sensitivity to environmental issues led to the design of innovative processes for producing coated steel wire with a lower impact compared to the conventional processes. Sampsistemi took part to Life-Inno.Pro.Wire, included in the LIFE Programme (European Commission's financial Instrument for the environment), developing and supplying a complete extrusion line engineered for steel wire coated with a Polyamide layer used as an alternative to the galvanized PVC coated steel wire.

Sampsistemi Extrusion Line for Steel Wire Products offers you a complete platform for flexible and high quality solutions to overcome market challenges, adopting the most advanced and most environmentally friendly technologies.