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Cable Extrusion

Wire and Cable Extrusion is a manufacturing process used to shape molten plastic. Different process exist according to the different compounds requested by the market. The most used process is dedicated to the thermoplastic and thermosetting materials where an internal machine (barrel) friction and an external heat supply by way of heat resistors are exploited to transform an infeed base material into a finished or semi-finished product, shaping material by forcing it through a die. By the way, another opposite process is available for rubber extrusion with many different vulcanization solutions engineered to heat the insulation after the die trough. Since 1936 SAMP has supplied machines for the wire and cable market, and starting from 1997 it completed its range of products with the extrusion sector that today counts more than 400 running machines. All solutions are characterized by top linear speeds and guarantee minimal energy dispersion. All our wire and cable extrusion solutions are customized to meet specific requirements and needs. We manufacture the following wire and cable extrusion lines:

  • automotive wire insulation,
  • electronic and building wire insulation and sheathing,
  • cable sheathing in tandem with SZ stranding process,
  • photovoltaic wire insulation and sheathing,
  • power cable insulation and sheathing,
  • LAN & telephone insulation and sheathing
  • medium and high voltage sheathing
  • aerospace insulation and sheathing
  • high temperature lines

SAMP has a solid experience in the cable extrusion sector and in the wire and cable production in general. Therefore, it can easily design and manufacture an innovative cable extrusion solution completely integrated with your existing production line and control system. We also offer you revolutionary solutions to increase your productivity thanks to flexible applications, the best extruder output available on the market, scrap and setup time reduction. Our SAMP wire and cable extrusion lines are renowned for their high levels of productivity and flexibility, and ensure the most modern and updated software technologies available. Clients’ needs and industry requirements are our focus and thanks to our efficient worldwide presence in five continents we are able to guarantee a high-skilled and complete assistance.

Single Components

Single components

Automotive Wire Insulation

We supply a complete range solution characterized by top linear speeds and guarantee minimal energy dispersion.

Electronic Wire Insulation

Electronic wire insulation lines are engineered to produce insulated copper conductors using thermoplastic and flame-retardant with halogen-free materials (HFFR)

Building Wire Sheathing

SAMP building wire sheathing lines are manufactured to round sheath pre-assembled cables and flat cables with various insulation materials.

Building Wire Sheathing + SZ

We have patented a system for the high speed manufacture of flexible cables. Designed with a dedicated extrusion group, cables are practically stranded at the point of extrusion.

LV Power Cable Insulation

Depending on line composition it is possible to insulate cables with traditional thermoplastic materials, flame-retardant halogen-free compounds or liquid silanes.

Power Cable Sheathing

Our power cable sheathing machine is manufactured to apply sheath on round and flat assembled cables with various thermoplastic materials.

Building Wire Insulation

Building wire insulation are engineered to insulate low-voltage building wire with various thermoplastic materials including flameretardants

LAN & Telephone Wire Insulation

With SAMP lines for LAN & telephone wire insulation, the setting-up is fast and rejects are minimal due to standardized and harmonized line components.

High Temperature Line

Our extruders are particularly suitable for insulation high temperature resistant materials enabling your productivity guaranteeing the highest quality level of your final product

Rewinding Line

We have different solutions for rewinding lines, which are engineered to wind wires or insulated cables in order to prepare the product for a different internal process, or customer delivery and packaging.


We also boast the upgrade service of existing extrusion equipment

Solutions for Building Cables

Thanks to a combination of research, high-technology machinery and process expertise, SAMP offers you a complete range of building cables production lines from the drawing one to the final jacketing process passing through the assembling of wire conductors and insulated wires.