Capstans & Caterpillars for Extrusion

Sampsistemi offers a number of high-technology extrusion lines in terms of automation and production efficiency, specifically engineered for thermoplastic and thermosetting compound applications on wire conductors.

The company is able to design and manufacture tailor-made solutions to fulfil any requirements, thus ensuring high customer satisfaction.

The Sampistemi extrusion portfolio is very wide, ranging from fine wire insulation lines for min. cable diameter 0.15 mm (0.006 inches) to heavy power sheathing lines with max. cable diameter 250 mm (approx. 10 inches).

The company engineered many different solutions to pull the wire according to its large production programme. Sampsistemi offers dual capstan solutions with different drum diameters from 300 mm (12”) to 800 mm (31.5”) for a fine wire tensioning adjustment and the highest production speeds available on the market. This solution ensures the best wire concentricity and, consequently, the highest product quality, as well as important cost savings as for the raw material.

A counter belt option is available for building wire when customers need clamp wire during the take-up reel changeover process.

Alternatively, you can find caterpillar units with 2 motors for a longer belt life; they are engineered to pull rigid wire conductors and heavy cables. There are different caterpillar sizes, from the light and fast version with more than 4,500 N (1,000 lbf) of wire pulling and max. 400 m/min (1,300 fpm) to the heaviest machines with 30,000 N (6,750 lbf) of wire pulling and max. 50 m/min (164 fpm).

All capstans and caterpillars are driven by AC motors and controlled by drives thanks to a fast Ethernet PLC network. Sampsistemi guarantees a fast and easy machine installation with dedicated terminal box. As a result, installation and commissioning will be extremely short.