Dericou – Pursuing excellence in China

Kunshan Dericou Copper Co., Ltd. was established in April 2013 and its manufacturing base is located in the Kunshan German Industrial Park in Zhangpu Town, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, within an area of 210,000 sqm. The surrounding traffic, including the inland trucking, marine and rail transportation, is very well developed. The company is located only 34 kilometers away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and 50 kilometers away from Taicang Port.

Kunshan Dericou Copper is focussed on the manufacturing of copper rod and wires. Their main products include 8 mm hypoxia copper rod, 2.6 mm copper wire, fine wire, bunched wire and tinned coated wire, which are widely used in LAN and telephone communication cables, power cables, electrical cables, enamelled wire, etc.  From the German company SMS Meer, Kunshan Dericou Copper has purchased a continuous casting line model CR3700 with the world’s largest single-machine production capacity and an annual output of 400,000 tons of 8 mm copper rod.

In addition, complete manufacturing solutions for wire drawing, bunching and tinning lines have been imported from Sampsistemi, Italy, for an annual output of 100,000 tons of fine copper wire and a total expected annual turnover of over 20 billion RMB (3 billion USD).

We have asked Mr. Jiang Xiangdong, Sales & Marketing General Manager, to tell us more about his company.

Which is the key factor that enabled your company to start production so quickly?

Kunshan Dericou Copper Co.Ltd is committed to promoting and enhancing human values such as honesty, dedication and self-discipline, and to improving the coordination and cohesion of all our staff. Through our strict quality policy, efficient management skills and the integration of advanced technology, equipment and processes, we maximize the initiatives of our employees, strengthen our corporate culture and cultivate our working values to enhance the executing abilities of our entire staff.

Which are the main things you consider when choosing your suppliers?

For our company, the most important characteristics when choosing our suppliers are cost effectiveness and the ability to exploit our potential to the fullest. We carefully select suppliers who can offer high-level technical solutions and all-round after sales service with fast response times, and not just the equipment itself.

As for the equipment, considering the current economic situation in China, today we are increasingly paying attention to cost performance, high production capacity and low power consumption. Other important factors are an environmentally friendly production, low maintenance levels and spare part costs.

How did your experience with Sampsistemi meet your expectations?

Sampsistemi undertakes thorough training programmes for our employees to ensure that the purchased equipment manufactures products of the highest quality in compliance with the highest international standards. We chose Sampsistemi because, whenever we request any technical or process support, they are readily available to listen and help us find and implement the right solutions in a timely manner.

At the same time, we are very satisfied with the design concept of Sampsistemi, which focusses on reaching the highest efficiency of the equipment while diminishing production costs. This is very important to reach our current production targets.

We know that Sampsistemi is committed to our complete and total satisfaction and hope to maintain a long-term and friendly business relationship with each other.

What plans do you have for the future?

As an operating unit that has just started production, first we are targeting on increasing our capacity for wire drawing and wire bunching. Secondly, we wish to enrich our product portfolio, adding products like silver-coated wire, tinned-coated wire, nickel-coated wire and also fine wire with a diameter below 0.1 mm. Additional future targets will be copper alloys and other special materials.

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