East African Cables

East African Cables Ltd. was incorporated in 1966 and is one of the most experienced cable manufacturer in Africa with close to four decades of experience in cable production. A public limited company listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange with its head office in Nairobi’s Industrial Area, East African Cables is the premier manufacturer in East and Central Africa. It comprises two manufacturing facilities in Nairobi, Kenya and one in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. While the first Nairobi factory was commissioned in 1966 an additional facility was commissioned in Nairobi in July 1st 2007. The Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)  facility was commissioned in 1977. Products manufactured by East African Cables include copper electrical cables and conductors for domestic as well as industrial applications and the company has over the years continually supplied the construction industry with quality products. The next range of manufactured products is the aluminium conductors and cables used for power transmission and distribution through the national gridlines. East African Cables is the sole distributor for Nexans (a world leader in the cable industry) in East and Central Africa. The supplied range of cables from Nexans include medium and high voltage cables, telecommunication cables, data cables, LAN systems, fiber optic cables and related accessories.

East African Cables is well represented with agencies and branches throughout the region. Their marketing strategy includes local presence and a market oriented sales organization combined with strong service backup. The company is also ISO 9001:2000 certified. The partnership between Sampsistemi and East African Cables dates back to 1977 and has been a very fruitful one. Over the years, we have supplied the African company with a large number of rod break-down and drawing lines for fine and intermediate wire, both for copper and aluminium.

East African Cables is set to further enhance its continental market reach with an ambitious expansion plan over the next three years. By further moving its range of products to key markets in Africa, the company will also be focusing on a diversified customer base across the market. Alongside market expansion, the firm has just commissioned a new copper cables production line and is undertaking further major production line upgrades at its second and recently commissioned US dollar 15 million integrated manufacturing facilities in Nairobi’s industrial area.

The commissioning of the new copper production line is expected to boost East African Cables production capacity. Some years ago, during an interview with at that time the CEO of the company George Mwangi we had the chance to speak about this successful company.

Which is the key factor in choosing your suppliers?

For our Company, investments in initiatives to realise cost effi ciency is the key factor. We choose suppliers who offer solutions and not just equipment. Sampsistemi undertakes thorough training programmes to our employees to ensure that the equipment manufactures products of the highest quality in compliance with the highest international standards. We chose Sampsistemi because, whenever we request any technical or process support, they are readily available to listen and help us find and implement the right solutions on time.

Do you buy new equipment or prefer to modernize the old ones?

It depends. If the existing equipment is no longer competitive to suite the ever changing market demands, replacing becomes the option. However, where upgrading the existing equipment to meet the demands proves to be cost effective and technologically viable, then we opt for the upgrade. Investment in equipment today requires that they be flexible and adaptable to exploit current and future business needs.

How did your experience with Sampsistemi meet your expectations?

Cable manufacturers today are increasingly paying attention to production costs, creating a need for more productive and efficient systems, shorter lead-times, lower energy consumption and solutions which allow us a more economical use of production materials. Through the use of Sampsistemi equipment, we have started realising a number of these benefits and hope to reap full benefits upon completion of our factory modernisation later this year. We are confident that Sampsistemi will fulfil their promise to the customers. Indeed, we have already had more than 30 years of economic service life on some equipment purchased from Sampsistemi.

What plans and aims do you have for the future?

Currently we are repositioning the company for better penetration of existing and new markets. We acknowledge that customers are seeking for more value and the winners of tomorrow must be dynamic and responsive to market trends. Investing in customer relations and building strong partnerships with stakeholders with strong emphasis on a more environmentally and socially responsive business remains our priority. We believe that success is there for those willing to succeed