La Farga – Advanced copper solutions

There are many examples of inspiring companies and business innovators around the world. One of these jewels is located on the sunny coasts of Catalonia, in the charming city of Barcelona.
Founded in 1808, La Farga is a family-run holding group that manufactures and sells semi-finished copper products and their alloys for the electrical, metal packaging, railway, piping, automotive, billets and special conductors markets.
Present worldwide, La Farga has three production plants in Spain (La Farga Lacambra, La Farga Tub, La Farga Rod); one in China (Ganzhou Jiangwu La Farga); one in the US (SDI La Farga); and a copper pipe distribution centre in France (La Farga Tub France).
Committed to a very active policy of corporate responsibility, La Farga is a world leader in recycling technology and publishes a yearly sustainability report. Thanks to their own technology company, La Farga Intec, and their pending patents, their expertise has been installed in more than 30 plants worldwide. The group can also count on three research centers that constantly work to innovate existing products and develop new applications in the area of copper and its alloys.
In addition, the company created in 2004 the Fundació La Farga, a non-profit social, cultural and educational organization that aims at creating value and wealth in its environment. In 2008, they opened the Copper Museum, the only European platform of know-how and technology in this sector.

We asked Mr. Miquel Garcia, General Director of La Farga Lacambra and La Farga Rod, to tell us more about his company.

What are La Farga’s key selling points?
At La Farga we always aim to be close to our customers (mainly the wire and cable sector) in order to offer them the best service and maximum diversification in terms of products and applications, while at the same time designing and manufacturing advanced customized products in line with their demands. We are clearly committed to innovation and the development of new products that meet the needs of our customers and markets as and when these needs arise, steering clear of commodity products.

Which is the key factor in choosing your suppliers?
We look for suppliers who lead the field in technology. In the context of a contracting market, where price is a key selling point, we can only offer customers lower costs and added value through the use of high technology that at the same time leads to a reduction in costs.
The post-sales service and proximity of the supplier are also important factors to take into account when deciding which one to choose.
Last but not least, we require the machines to be extremely reliable in their operation.
Another key issue for us when it comes to choosing a supplier is their global presence in the market. As global sellers of wire rod that will subsequently be drawn, we are keen to establish technical-commercial relations with the world’s leading manufacturers of wire drawing machinery.

How did your experience with Sampsistemi meet your expectations?
Sampsistemi is one of the key suppliers in our wire drawing and cabling section. The relationship began 10 years ago with the purchase of a multi-wire drawing machine and from there we have gone from strength to strength, not only in Europe but also through our joint venture in the USA, where we have just successfully installed a twin-rod breakdown machine.
A recent, extremely satisfying result has been reached on the brand new SAMP DM 105-80 multi-wire drawing machine, where we have registered a 25% energy saving in comparison to traditional machines.
I would like to highlight Sampsistemi’s flexibility in terms of meeting our needs: the company is capable of offering a broad portfolio of products and machinery according to our specific requirements.

What plans and targets do you have for the future?
La Farga will continue to focus on product diversification and cost reduction. We have a constant investment plan for the purchase and replacement of machinery in which Sampsistemi will no doubt play a part. The recent purchases of machinery manufactured in Sampsistemi are a good example of this.

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