Travar Tec – A Passion for Aluminum

Located in a unique landscape where nature is at its most enchanting, the province of Brescia is a land of scenic beauty containing many locations of archeological, artistic and historical interest. The largest province in Lombardy, it includes three beautiful lakes (Garda, Iseo and Idro) and three valleys (Camonica, Trompia and Sabbia). The landscape is varied, from the small marinas of Lake Garda and the green hills of Franciacorta to the ski slopes, small villages and historical town centers.

However, the Brescia province is not only a peaceful mix of hills and valleys. It is also home to a very promising company, Travar Tec S.r.l., specialized in producing aluminium and aluminium alloy wires, bars, strands and flexible ropes for mechanical and electrical appliances.

Travar Tec derives from over 30 years of experience of Travar S.p.A. and from this company inherited a profound knowledge of the processing of aluminium and aluminium alloys, both in terms of wires and ropes. Travar Tec is among the leading companies in its field thanks to efficient management skills, solid financial investments and high-qualified technicians. The company’s recent extraordinary growth comes from a deep understanding of materials and the ability to develop high-quality products for a range of applications. Indeed, a new division dedicated to the production of semi-rigid ropes has been recently opened. Travar Tec is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and is undergoing the OHSAS 18001 certification.

The company has recently moved to a brand new production plant. Located in the industrial area of Rodengo Saiano (Brescia), it makes up 4,000 sqm of production area and 500 sqm of offices. The plant boasts a brand new line for the production of flexible conductors in aluminum and aluminum alloys with a production capacity of 12,000 ton/year and a particular focus on the technological development for the automotive market. From Sampsistemi, Travar Tec has recently purchased a rod breakdown machine RB 450 and a multi-wire drawing line DM 105 for aluminium and aluminium alloys.

We asked Mr. Paolo Stefini, Managing Director of Travar Tec, to tell us more about his company.

What is the secret of your success?
The success of Travar Tec is based on our solid technical and technological skills and on our knowledge of the processing of aluminium and aluminium alloys, which are somehow new and less common materials in industrial applications. Nowadays we are experiencing an unprecedented and ever-growing demand for aluminium products, for example in the automotive field, where a reduction in fuel consumption and a subsequent emissions abatement is of utmost importance to follow the stringent standards defined by the European Union directives. Therefore, the use of lighter cables and components made of aluminium or aluminium alloys becomes essential. This is true not only for vehicles, but also for electrical appliances, energy cables, looms, etc.

Which is the key factor in choosing your suppliers?
There are many factors involved when choosing a supplier. For Travar Tec, the most important ones are the history of the company, the technical and technological skills, reliability and the ability to work closely together with us. Our suppliers are all experts in their fields, willing to grow together, able to identify cross-functional synergies to achieve the desired goals.

Which were the main characteristics of Sampsistemi that allowed you to reach your goals?
We have particularly appreciated two main characteristics. First of all, the excellent quality of the Sampsistemi machines, which are entirely developed and manufactured in Bentivoglio (Bologna), and feature the typical “Made in Italy” flexibility and ingenuity. Secondly, the technical and managing skills of all Sampsistemi engineers, who have been a valuable asset in planning and successfully implementing the project. As with all new things, it was of utmost importance to build a close-knit team of passionate, efficient and skilled professionals who worked together towards a common vision, rather than wasting energy in asserting their own rights.

Which concrete benefits, direct or indirect, did you derive from the co-operation with Sampsistemi?
Sampsistemi has greatly improved our production processes and technological capacity. As a result, we have increased our productive output fourfold, going from 300 ton/month to approx. 1,200 ton/month, thereby reducing transformation and internal costs and at the same time improving the final quality of our products. Our customers and suppliers have rewarded our efforts so far. Thanks to their continuous trust and support, we have become one of the leading companies in our field.

What plans and targets do you have for the future?
Travar Tec is widely considered a strong, stable and financially sound company, with a forward-looking approach and a young nature, in spite of deriving from over 30 years of experience. Of course, our main goal is to grow our business and expand into new markets, both nationally and internationally, keeping up with new production trends, always offering our customers the high-quality and innovative products they have become accustomed to. In particular, we will focus on the challenging automotive market. We like the fact that this sector is extremely dynamic and keeps coming up with new ideas.

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