Venine Cable | the Power Cable Specialist

Friendly and fun-loving, cultured and historic, Thailand is generally considered a paradise for tourists in search of tropical beaches, gleaming temples and delicious cuisine. However, the country is also home to one of the most modern and leading manufacturers of high-quality power and communication cables in the ASEAN region, the company Venine Cable Electric Wire Co. Ltd.

Venine Cable has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Their manufacturing plant located in Ladbualuang, Ayutthaya, is a cut above the rest, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art industrial machines and advanced manufacturing technologies. In addition, the company has acquired the ISO 9001:2015 for its advanced management system, the ISO 50001:2011 for its power management system as well as the Thai Industrial Standard (TIS). Venine Cable’s reputation for quality is based on a complex pattern of systems and processes, including the use of smart technology, the development of in-house expertise and the use of only the finest materials available on the market, such as imported aluminum ingot, 99.99% pure copper cathode and top-quality PVC. Their production includes a full range of power and communication cables meeting the demanding needs of customers in various industries, such as copper and aluminum wire, building wire, low-voltage power cables for control applications, high-voltage power cables for power transmission and distribution networks, as well as communication cables such as optical fiber. Venine Cable’s distribution network is particularly strong in the ASEAN region and is growing rapidly to other parts of the world, enabling the company to reach new and potential customers wherever they are.

Sampsistemi and Venine Cable have developed a strong partnership over the years. Their common efforts for precision and excellence in everything they do make them ideal partners in the wire and cable manufacturing technology. From Sampsistemi, Venine Cable has recently bought a rod breakdown machine model R2 for aluminium as the perfect complement to make their production even more efficient, by maximizing their productivity in an environmental-friendly way.

We have asked Mr. Visrut Rangsisingpipat, CEO of Venine Cable Electric Wire Co., Ltd., to give us more information about this rapidly growing company.

Mr. Rangsisingpipat, could you please tell us which are the key factors in choosing your suppliers?

 “We like to work only with the best ones in their own industry for all of our systems and processes, materials, machines and technology. Moreover, we consider our suppliers like partners. In this sense, not only must they be the best, but they must also possess integrity towards their suppliers, customers and a high degree of social responsibility.”

How did your experience with Sampsistemi meet your expectations?

 “Sampsistemi has all of the characteristics mentioned above. They manufacture world-class wire drawing machines for aluminium with high-quality solutions and advanced technology for our manufacturing processes. Their machines meet all of our expectations in terms of effi ciency, productivity and service.”

What are the future plans of the company?

“We are currently expanding our manufacturing plant. Our goal is to become one of the biggest and most advanced power cable manufacturers in ASEAN and further advance into the Asian-Oceania market to become one of the top leaders in the power cable industry. Being committed to premium-quality products and state-of -the-art manufacturing, we are also driving up the production standards in the ASEAN region and are perfectly able to compete on the same level with companies all around the world.”