How to avoid phone conversation crosstalk. The importance of cables.

Crosstalk is a quite common undesired phenomenon that annoy most of people during their conversation on the phone. In the past years, several technical developments have contributed to reduce the crosstalk incidence on voice circuit, however, the real and definitive control on it is a proper cable design, quality and manufacturing.

Crosstalk occurs when one voice circuit picks up the signal from another circuit making the conversation jumping from wire pair to the other. A different twisted rate reduces the possibility of crosstalk issue.

The signal transmitted in the cable is in the form of current and it produces an interference electromagnetic field that can cause noise in the near cables. So, the twist operation plays a pivotal role in order to remove the electromagnetic interference from wires.

The wires twisted with and along each other carry equal and opposite amount of current through them. Therefore, the interference produced by one wire is cancelled by the interference produced by other wire since they are equal and opposite in nature. Since during this operation each twisted pair color combination is assigned a unique twist gear.

Thus, the design and manufacturing of the cables are fundamental in order to produce high quality cables without interference while in action. In doing so, twisting machine must ensures:

  • constant lay-length
  • minimize wire stretching to avoid the alternation of electrical feature of the wire
  • constant winding tension
  • avoid the scratching of the wire insulation and the correct winding around twisted cables of the shielded tapes.

In order to increase the performance and efficiency of the process, it is possible to build within the cradle a spark tester to check the product quality and take appropriate action.

Important is also the payoff system, which must ensure the correct cable tension at the input of the twisting machine. It is therefore necessary to have a motorized payoff with synchronized dancer and tension control system.