Installation of a Pourtier Rigid Strander

The Pourtier Company, part of the Sampsistemi Group, has recently completed the installation of a large rigid cage strander line of about 100m long at an important European power cable manufacturer.

 The line represents one of the Pourtier product core business.

The machine is composed of 6 cages together with our latest development in terms of large high pulling force capstans of 80 tons.  

Each cage is provided with automatic bobbins loading system and protected by a soundproof cabinet in order to guarantee 80 dB noise level that fulfills the EU standards for production environments.

The line guarantees an efficient and effective production process thanks to several accessories like yarn binders, longitudinal taping heads, rotating compacting heads whose efficiency is ensured using dedicated jib cranes.

The line has been developed to produce round, sectoral conductors both copper or aluminum with a cross section up to 4000 mm2.

A dedicate bobbins braking system has been developed in order to guarantee a wide wire diameter range that is necessary to produce the full cross section range.

This line is highly customized and developed in accordance to all the production and maintenance customer’s processes to satisfy all his needs in the best possible way.

Moreover, all safety requirements are of course implemented to guarantee a perfectly safe and reliable production process.

Following this further installation, we can affirm, once again, merging customer and supplier skills and experience always leads to a modern, efficient and safe production line, able to guarantee the best market success.


In addition to the above, the Pourtier Rigid Stranders are suitable for:

Rigid Standers Pourtier
Required to Main advantages
Round compacted HV-EHV Cables. Smooth wire path with reduced deviation angle.
Prespiralled sector cores for Milliken. Very constant tension control.
Overhead conductors (AAC, ACSR, AAAC, ACCC, ACSS…). Specific “trapezoidal head” for a correct angular positioning of each trapezoidal wire at the stranding die.
Steel wire armouring. Know how transfert.
Copper wire screening. Flexibility.
Flexible class 5. Large range of options.
Control cable. Cross section:
– up to 3500mm2 (Copper);
– up to 4000mm2 (Aluminum).
  High grade dies and rolers compacting heads.