Installation of Pourtier Drum Twister Line


Machine Type

The company Venine Cable Electric Wire Co. Ltd. is one of the most modern and leading manufacturers of high-quality power and communication cables in Thailand. The company aims to boost his high- tech production of a full range of power and communication cables such as copper and aluminum wire, building wire, low-voltage power cables for control applications, high-voltage power cables for power transmission and distribution networks, as well as communication cables such as optical fiber.  Our partnership with the Thai company has been strengthened over the years, sharing the common value of precision and excellent know how. This long partnership is underlined by the choice of Venine to continue to invest through Sampsistemi machines. Nowadays, inside the Ayutthaya factory there are:

  • 2 DALOO Rigid Stranders 91 wires and 1 Rigid Strander 61 wires;
  • 1 POURTIER Single Twist Line 2000;
  • 1 POURTIER Drum Twister Line 2600;
  • 1 SAMPSISTEMI Double Twist Line 1250;
  • 1 SETIC Double Twist Line 2000;
  • 2 SAMPSISTEMI Rod Breakdown Drawing machine Lines.

They relied once again on the Sampsistemi leading solutions added recently, at the wide above list, a Drum Twister Line DTPC 2600. This new purchaise request was driven by the need to produce steel wire armouring AL for medium voltage and laying up Al for Medium Voltage by ensuring an efficient and reliable productivity. The machine has been successfully installed on February 15, 2019 by the Pourtier technicians at the Venine Cable – Ayutthaya Factory.


Drum Twister  Line Pourtier
Required to Main advantages
LV/MV cables: laying-up of Cu or Al conductors LV/MV cables: solid or stranded Cu/Al conductors (3, 4, 5, + cores), round or sector-shaped (straight or prespiralled)
HV cables (Milliken): laying-up of Cu conductors HV MILLIKEN cables: segmental or sectorial prespiralled Cu (5, 6 or 7 cores)
Screening and Armouring operations Know How transfer