Installation of the new “Plug & Play” Multiwire Drawing Line

ProCab is a leading Uzbek cables and wire manufacturer supplying an extremely wide range of LV and MV Energy Cables, Building Cables, Control Cables, Household and Flat Cables, Special Cables, Overhead Conductors for Power Lines as well as Copper and Aluminium Wires.

The Company has been experiencing fast growth and large success on the market thanks to the great competitiveness of its products, which is ensured by high quality, low manufacturing costs, short lead time and advanced management.

High-Tech equipment from the most reputed manufacturers are a very important driver of their success.

Such a vision has recently lead ProCab to finalize an important deal with Sampsistemi for the supply of a new Multiwire Drawing Line for 16 copper wires characterized by a quite innovative design.

This equipment aims at increasing ProCab’s production capacity of flexible cables and strenghtening their competitive position on the market thanks to its high productivity and low Total Costs of Ownership (TCO).

Special remarks of this Sampsistemi Multiwire Drawing Line are on its Plug & Play design, which significantly reduces the installation time and costs.

Stocking tanks for lubricants already built-in the drawing machine and the annealer, combined with the possible supply of all the necessary components as well as pre-shaped pipes, is the most significant innovation of the Sampsistemi new Multiwire Drawing Line.

Besides, the Profinet connection substantially reduces the quantity of cables between the machines and their electric cabinets, and those can be even included in the supply already cut at the necessary lenghts and duly connectorized for quick cabling operations.


Multiwire Drawing Line for 16 copper wires in “Plug & Play” execution
Required to: Main advantages:
 Energy cables.  Unbeatable low Total Cost of Ownership   (TCO).
 Automotive cables.  Extremely high productivity.
 Instrumentation and control cables.  Superior quality of the finished wires.
 Electronic and special cables.  Trouble-less pay-off operations in the   bunching machines.
   Set-up for Industry 4.0.