Wire Drawing

Rotating Machines

Cable Extrusion

Silicone Insulation and Sheathing Lines

Solutions for LAN Cables


Steel Coating Line

Rewinding Line

High Temperature Line

Coaxial Cable Insulation

LAN & Telephone Wire Insulation

Building Wire Insulation

Power Cable Sheathing

Power Cable Insulation

Building Wire Sheathing + SZ

Building Wire Sheathing

Electronic Wire Insulation

Automotive Wire Insulation

Single Components


Solutions for LAN Cables

Taping/Armouring Machines

Drum Twisters

Concentric Stranders


Bow Stranders/Cablers

Tubular Stranders

Cage Type Screening Line

Rigid Stranders

Large Double Twist Stranders/Cablers

Large Single Twist Stranders/Cablers

Single Twist Stranders/Cablers

Group Twinners

Double/Triple Twist Solution for Twinners and Quadders

Double Twist Bunchers

Multiwire Drawing Line

Spooling And Coiling

Single Wire Drawing Line

Rod Breakdown Line