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High-speed automotive wire insulation lines engineered to produce low voltage automotive cables.

It is possible to insulate T3 classification standards using thermoplastic materials and cross linked flameretardant polyethylene (XLPE and HFFR). Automatic colour change of insulation, skin and stripe with minimum scrap and at the maximum production speed, without slowdown.

At Sampsistemi, we supply a complete range solution characterized by top linear speeds and guarantee minimal energy dispersion. All our solutions can be easily integrated into your existing production line and control system. Moreover, thank to the high flexibility and versatility of our extruders which are designed to process different types of materials, your needs are satisfied and production ensured.

Line types:

  • AI A1: with 2 extruders, for stripe/skin process
  • AI A3: with 3 extruders, for stripe/skin quick colour change
  • AI A4: with 4 extruders, for stripe/skin and insulation quick colour change
  • AI V1: horizontal vulcanization with 2 extruders
  • AI V3: horizontal vulcanization with stripe/skin quick colour change

Main advantages:

  • Chameleon technology: Non-stop production during cable type changeover
  • Quick colour change process without scrap
  • Easy and quick extruder group feeding
  • High production quality by extruder group optimization
  • In-line coiling (MD 330) without production speed reduction


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