Cable Extrusion

Building Wire Insulation

Engineered to insulate low-voltage building wire with various thermoplastic materials including flameretardants such as reticulated polyethylene and halogen-free compounds.
The range is completed by THHN cable manufacturing equipment where cables are jacketed with nylon.

Our teams can easily assess your specific requirements and provide you with the best engineered solution. Our long experience in the field gave us the capability to be flexible and versatile as our machines. Your productivity is our priority and our machine can ensure you the most suitable cost effective solution directly tailored on your needs.

Line types:

  • BI A1: 1 and 2 extruders for skin/stripe process
  • BI A2: 2 extruders, high productivity
  • BI A3: 3 extruders for stripe/skin quick colour change
  • BI A4: THHN wire insulation and sheathing
  • BI A4-HS: THHN wire insulation and sheathing in line with rod break-down machine
The revolutionary MULTIFLEX 25 extrusion module allows you to apply both insulation of Liquid Silane and HFFR materials on one single machine. It can be integrated with existing Sampsistemi extruders.

Main advantages:

  • High productivity line:
    • Chameleon technology: Non-stop production during cable type changeover
    • No production speed reduction during reel changeover
    • One extrusion screew for many materials
    • “0” scrap with quick stripe/skin colour change system
  • One step solution with In-line drawing machine
  • Material saving thanks to accurate dosing process
  • High production quality by extruders group optimization
  • No foundations required
  • Wide reel range
  • Line compact design