Cable Extrusion

Building Wire Sheathing + SZ

SAMP has patented a system for the high speed manufacture of flexible cables.
Designed with a dedicated extrusion group, cables are practically stranded at the point of extrusion. Conductors and filler are then separated by a fine layer of plastic material, meaning that traditional talc powdering stations are no longer required, with all the obvious environmental advantages that this entails. A submerged torsion locker caterpillar keeps the cabling in place as the plastic sheath cools immediately after the extrusion group.

It is therefore possible to keep the pitch and still produce at surprisingly high speed.

Process type:

  • Co-extrusion: simultaneously filling and sheathing
  • Tandem extrusion: two extrusion groups, one for filling and one for sheathing
Line types

  • BS B1: SZ group, co-extrusion filling/sheathing system
  • BS B2: SZ group, 2 tandem extruders for tandem filling/sheathing and filling/sheathing/skin
  • BS B3: SZ group with patented system and 2 tandem filling/sheathing extruders
Main advantages:

  • One step production solution (laying-up and sheathing)
  • Flexible wire stranded SZ line at high speed
  • Flexibility in production that allows the use of different materials
  • Full production speed during reel changeover
  • Wide reel range