Cable Extrusion

Building Wire Sheathing

SAMP building wire sheathing lines are manufactured to round sheath pre-assembled cables and flat cables with various insulation materials including PVC, PE, PP and Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR/LS0H) materias.
We have solid experience in the design and manufacture of building wire sheathing lines which are able to carry out different process as:

  • Single-layer: application of sheathing with one extruder
  • Co-extrusion: simultaneous application of:
    • filling and sheathing or
    • filling, sheathing and skin
  • Tandem extrusion: two extrusion groups, one for filling and one for sheathing for different materials
Our machine ensure high productivity and unexpected line speed. Thanks to the flexibility of our lines and to our wide range of pay-offse and take-ups, we are able to design the most cost effective and efficient solution meeting your needs.

Complete line is managed by centralized and friendly control touch screen panel (HMI) placed next to the extruder for an easy access during any set-up and regulation.

Line types

  • BS A1: for  single layer process
  • BS A2: for filling, sheathing in one time
Main advantages:

  • Wide production range
  • Wide range of insulation materials
  • Production flexibility with different reels sizes
  • Continuous working without line stop during reel changeover