Rotating Machines

Cage Type Screening Line

Rigid screening lines are part of POURTIER core business. Several lines sold every years all over the world is showing the technical and market leadership of POURTIER/Sampsistemi on this type of machinery.
POURTIER can therefore propose Rigid Stranding lines to be used for screening operation.
Our design allows to use copper single or multiwire bobbins (Up to 7 wires on each bobbin). It is also suitable for Aluminium wires.
Advantages at a glance:

  • Screening of MV / HV / EHV;
  • Cables at high speed;
  • Reduced floor space compared to traditional screening methods;
  • Reduced number of bobbins.

RFS 630-MW RFS 500-54
Bobbin size [mm] 630×475 500×375
Number 12 … 48 54
Weight [kg] up to 600 up to 300
Rotation speed [twists/min.] 85 – 195 85
Linear speed [m/min.] up to 70 up to 70