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Sampsistemi coaxial cable insulation

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Sampsistemi has a solid technical experience in the cable insulation.

Our lines and machines are flexible and versatile satisfying specific clients’ requirements.

Your productivity is our goal, thereby our know-how, qualification and experience are at your disposition. Our lines are designed to carry out the following process:

  • Foam/skin & Skin/
  • Foam/Skin&Skin/Foam/Skin processes

Line types:

  • CI A0: insulation line for micro-coax cables with FEP and PE
  • CI A1: insulation line for mini-coax cables with SRL frequency up to 1 GHz
  • CI A2: insulation line for mini-coax cables with SRL frequency up to 3 GHz

Main advantages:

  • High productivity line
  • Top cable quality (surface, expansion level and concentricity)
  • Fast line set-up
  • Low scrap material during start-up
  • Striping capability
  • Extruder screw designed to reduce and keep melting pressure constant at the gas injection point
  • Stable automated extrusion
  • Self-centering extrusion cross-head with fine-tuning device and by-passes
  • All line components are modularly engineered with the same Sampsistemi criteria
  • Line centralized control with SU P supervisor
  • Wide range of take-up solutions

We are also able to provide you with sheathing or jacketing line with your final product requirements.

Line for micro coax: CI A0

Cables insulated with fluoropolymers are traditionally used in aerospace, military and nuclear applications, where a high level of fire resistance, good electrical properties and exceptional chemical resistance are a priority.

Extrusion process parameters and the extremely high cost of fluoropolymers have been an obstacle to their use in cable insulation. With longstanding experience in fluoropolymer technology, Sampsistemi has engineered a special extrusion process which includes gas injection foaming. With this system insulating wire with fluoropolymers is no more difficult than polyethylene insulation.

Line for mini coax: CI A1 – CI A2

Mini-coax cables, CATV cables and radiofrequency cables are primarily characterized by their electrical impedance and the speed with which signals are propagated. The common denominator of both signal propagation and dielectric constants is the cable insulation material.

Nowadays, market demand requires very low dielectric constants which can only be achieved by physical foaming extrusion processes. With a wealth of experience in physical foaming by nitrogen injection, Sampsistemi lines can obtain a dielectric constant of 1.2, which corresponds to a polyethylene foaming degree of 81%.

Other important cable parameters, such as low attenuation and structural return loss, require extremely high precision from all extrusion line components, since it is necessary to achieve a line speed stability of 1/10000 without extruder output pulsing: no problem for Sampsistemi lines!


Extrusion                     Download

Extrusion                     Download