Rotating Machines

Double/Triple Twist Solution for Twinners and Quadders

We can supply a wide range of products to produce pairing, quadders used on different application (signal, instrumentation, data, bus, aviation, industrial, Ethernet, automotive and LAN for Cat. 5/5E/6/6E/7/7A/8).
Our wide range of products allow customer to have single or two step solutions and different technology and size and model of pay-off and take-up.

Pay-Off Solutions:

  • Non Backtwist;
  • Backtwist;
  • Triple twist.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Best cable quality using backtwist technology;
  • Highest production speed thanks to patented triple twist process;
  • All different machine layouts to meet Customer’s need (hori- zontal vertical all in one …).

  Double twist without backtwist Double twist with backtwist Triple twist Flexible (triple twist – backtwist modes)
  TA560Ni TB800Ni PA 1000Ni-4M DVD560N TA560Ni DSDL 560-2-3M TP560 TADVD560 TADVD560 DVDTT560R TA560Ni DHDTT 560 TP560 VTT560 DVD560F TA560Ni VTT560F
Application TA630Ni TC800Ni TC 1000-4M DVD630 TA630Ni         DVDTT630 TA630Ni DHDTT 630     DVD630F TA630Ni  
  PA630Ni TD800Ni   DVD630HV                          
Design type hor./pintle hor./pintle hor./pintle ver./pintle hor./pintle hor./shaft hor./shaft ver./pintle ver./pintle ver./pintle hor./pintle hor./shaft hor./shaft ver./pintle ver./pintle hor./shaft ver./pintle
Pay-off [mm] 560/630DIN 560DIN/600NF 560DIN 560/630DIN 560DIN 560DIN 560/630DIN
Take-up [mm] 560/630DIN 800DIN 1000DIN 560/630DIN 560DIN 560/DIN 560/630DIN 560DIN 560DIN 560/630DIN 560DIN
Geared speed TPM 5500/6500 5000 3000/3200 2000/4200 5500/6500 1200 4000 2000 5000 2500/2100 +5500 2000/1800 +4000 2500+5000 2500/2100 +5500 2500+5000