Rotating Machines

Drum Twisters

Pourtier has a long experience in power cables from Low Voltage up to High Voltage/Extra High Voltage and is offering his complete knowledge in term of high voltage cables.
More than 700 lines sold all over the world these last 40 years is showing the technical and market leadership of Pourtier on this type of machinery.
The Drum Twister machine designed by Pourtier integrates all parameters to fit with severe production requirement of high voltage and extra high voltage power cable including smooth deviation angle for the segments (pay-off side) as well as for the laid-up conductor (resulting in a longer take-up frame).
The Pourtier drum twisters for high voltage can be used also for Low Voltage and Medium Voltage cable.
Thanks to its flexibility, it is also used for steel wire armouring or/and copper wire screening of power cable by using central rotating pay-off for the cable to be armoured/screened and with addition of simple pay-off stands for copper/steel wires.
In such configuration the line can also be used in taping mode for large cable with pay-off and take-up being stationary.

Advantages at a glance:

  • LV / MV cables: solid or stranded Cu / Al conductors (3, 4 or 5+ cores), round or sector-shaped (straight or prespiralled);
  • HV MILLIKEN cables: segmental or sectoral prespiralled Cu (5, 6 or 7 cores);
  • Know how transfer;
  • Heavy Duty design.

Type DTPC 1600 DTPC 2200 DTPC 2600 DTPC 2800 DTPC 3000 DTPC 3200 DTPC 3600 DTPC 4000 DTPC 4500 DTPC 5000
Bobbin size [mm] 1600 2200 2600 2800 3000 3200 3600 4000 4500 5000
Weight [tons] 6 10 12 13 15 20 25/40 30/40 50 50
Speed [RPM] 200 120 120 100 100 60 60/80 60/80 50 50