Cable Extrusion

Electronic Wire Insulation

Engineered to produce insulated copper conductors using thermoplastic and flame-retardant with halogen-free materials (HFFR)
Line types:


  • WI A1: 1 and 2 extruders for skin/stripe process
  • WI A2: engineered for HFFR materials
  • WI A3: 3 extruders for stripe/skin quick colour change


  • High productivity line:
    • Chameleon technology: Non-stop production during cable type changeover
    • No production speed reduction during reel changeover
    • One extrusion screew for many materials
    • “0” scrap with quick stripe/skin colour change system
  • Flexibility with wide insulation material range
  • Compact design
  • Material saving thanks to accurate dosing process
  • No foundations required