Rotating Machines

Group Twinners

Our Group twinner ensure to produce LAN cable (Cat. 5/5E/6/6E/7/7A/8 ) in a single passage, all technological solution for group twinner are available in our catalougue. We can provide different model to satisfy requirement of the market.

Our solutions are:

  • Non backtwist;
  • Single baktwist;
  • Triple twist solution.

Advantages at a glance:

  • All types of pairing process (double twist with/without backtwist, triple twist);
  • Specially designed for high-end LAN cable;
  • Individual tension control of each wire, each pair, cable by driven system;
  • Know how transfert.

  Non-backtwist Backtwist Triple twist
Application GT 560 N-2-2M GTSD 560S-2-2M G3T 560-2-2M
Product LAN cable LAN cable LAN cable
Bobbin size [mm] 560/600 560/600 560
Geared speed [twists/min.] 5000 5000 6000