Cable Extrusion

LAN & Telephone Wire Insulation

LAN & telephone cable producers know the importance of process stability and repeatability very well.
With SAMP lines, the setting-up is fast and rejects are minimal due to standardized and harmonized line components; indeed, drawing, annealing and pre-heating are part of an avant-garde global system, which includes the extrusion group, ergonomic cooling troughs and reliable dual spoolers.

Moreover, customers also benefit from having a single supplier and a single team of engineers who can flexibly work on the whole line during commissioning and service.

Line types

  • TI A1: for telephone cables with solid PVC, solid PE and chemical PE foam
  • LI A1: for LAN cables with solid PE or physical PE foam
  • LI B1: for LAN cables with solid FEP or physical FEP foam and solid PE or physical PE foam
Main advantages:

  • Top cable specification with single step production process (drawing, annealing and insulation)
  • Reduced set-up time
  • Low scrap material during start-up
  • Excellent wire surface quality with conical drawing cones
  • Self-centering extrusion cross-head with by-passes
  • Line centralized control with SU P supervisor
  • All line components are modularly engineered with the same SAMP criteria
  • Highly reliable dual automatic take-up with wire wraps protection during reel change-over
  • Wide range of take-up solutions
  • Easy maintenance
We are also able to provide you with sheathing or jacketing line with your final product requirements.