Power cable insulation

Sampsistemi power cable insulation

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Engineered for high-speed insulation of power cables.

Depending on line composition it is possible to insulate cables with traditional thermoplastic materials, flame-retardant halogen-free compounds or liquid silanes.

Line types

  • PI A1: high-speed insulation line for conductors up to 120 mm²
  • PI A2: high-speed insulation line using HFFR for conductors up to 120 mm²
  • PI B1: insulation line for conductors up to 800 mm²
  • PI B2: insulation line using liquid silanes

Main advantages:

  • High production line
    • Non-stop production
    • High production speed
    • Full line speed during reel changeover thanks to Dual Automatic Take-up for reels diameter up to 1600 mm
  • Wide cable manufacturing range
  • Top quality final products
  • Operator friendly line
  • Excellent wire pulling units


Extrusion                     Download

Extrusion                     Download