Cable Extrusion

Power Cable Sheathing

SAMP power cable sheathing machine is manufactured to apply sheath on round and flat assembled cables with various thermoplastic materials.
Thanks to our solid experience in the sector, we are able to meet your requirements. Our machine is flexible and versatile offering you the best cost effect solution in the market. No matter which material you use to sheath, our machines provide you with high quality cables.

Process types 

  • Single-layer: sheathing application with one extruder
  • Co-extrusion: tandem filling and sheathing
  • Tandem extrusion: two extrusion groups, one for filling and one for sheathing

Line types: 

  • PS A1: Basic sheathing line up to 60 mm
  • PS A2: Filling/sheathing line up to 60 mm
  • PS B1: Basic sheathing line up to 200 mm
  • PS B2: Filling/sheathing line up to 200 mm

Main advantages: 

  • High flexibility line
  • Wide cable manufacturing range
  • Tandemizing with lead extruder
  • Non-stop production process
  • High production speed