Cable Extrusion


We also boast the upgrade service of existing extrusion equipment:
  • Disassembling, painting of all equipment components and assembling of all parts, after providing for the worn parts replacement.
  • Replacement of worn parts bearings, gearings, shafts, supply bushings, extrusion barrel and screw, designed and built from us, according customers requests.
  • Upgrading of D.C. or A.C. motors consisting in: washing of stator winder, bearings replacement, brushes replacement, assembling with tests.
  • Revamping of electrical equipment on board machine consisting in: cables trays, cables, junction-boxes replacement.
  • Implementation of any changes in lay-out.
  • Total painting consisting in: polishing of the existing paint, painting with epoxy bi-component paint, according your standard colors.
Extrusion equipment with duplex extrusion head with two flow channels for processing tire components