Rotating Machines

Rigid Stranders

Rigid stranding machines are POURTIER main core business. More than 200 lines sold all over the world these last 40 years is showing the technical and market leadership of POURTIER/Sampsistemi on this type of machinery.
This long experience in this market field, enables POURTIER to propose customized and completely tailored Rigid Stranding lines according to customer’s request from 500 mm to 800 mm cages.
Indeed, stranding lines are designed for single copper or single aluminium wires, making compacting or non-compacting, round or sector and straight or pre-spiral conductor.
POURTIER Heavy Duty Rigid Stranding lines can produce big range of cables:
  • Round compacted Extra High Voltage and High Voltage Cables (HVDC, HVAC);
  • Prespiralled sector cores for Milliken;
  • Overhead conductors (AAC, ACSR, AAAC, ACCC, ACSS…);
  • Steel wire armouring;
  • Copper wire screening;
  • Flexible Class 5;
  • Control Cable.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Smooth wire path with reduced deviation angle;
  • Very constant tension control;
  • Specific “trapezoïdal head” for perfect angular positioning of each “trapezoïdal wire at the stranding die;
  • Know how transfert;
  • Heavy Duty design;
  • Flexibility;
  • Large range of option;
  • Cross Section:
    – up to 3500mm2 (Copper),
    – up to 4000mm2 (Aluminum)
  • High grade dies and rolers compacting heads.

Type RFS 630 RFS 800
Bobbin size [mm] 630×475 800×600
Weight [Kg] up to 600 up to 600
Rotation speed Cu [twists/min.] 85 – 220 130 – 205
Rotation speed Al [twists/min.] 85 – 350 130 – 320