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Since the beginning of 2016 Sampsistemi Extrusion (ex Euro Extrusion) is part of the SAMP Group. It is wholly managed by Sampsistemi Srl.

Below the single components supplied by Euro Extrusion.

Cable guide
Winding guide and service unit
Sliding stands double take-up
Dual reel cantilever take-up
Dual reel take-ups with semi-automatic transfer
Dual reel take-ups with automatic transfer
Automatic dual reel take-up
Motorized portal take-ups
Take-ups, lift prominent shaft reel
Sliding columns single take-up with wire layering groupe
Extruders for elastomers – electrical cables coating
Extruders for silicon rubber
Extruders for elastomers and XLPE cables
Extruders for silane XLPE
Extruders for elastomers – tubes and profiles
Extruders for tire tread strips for pneumatic with and without pins
Extruders for thermoplastics
Vertical extruders
Extruders predisposition for gas metering unit
Extruders for fluoro-compound materials
Manual centering / self-centering extrusion head for rubber
Self-centering coextrusion heads for rubber
Coextrusion heads for rubber / XLPE curing lines
Three layer extrusion head for XLPE cables
Extrusion head for thermoplastics
Extrusion head Skin Foan Skin
Extrusion heads for fluorocompounds materials
Vacuum and blowing air dryers
Single pass cooling troughs
Multi-pass cooling troughs
Air cooling trough with cooling elements
Thermoregulated cooling troughs
Double/single cone flyer pay-offs
Sliding columns pay-offs with brake
Braked portal pay-offs
Sliding columns motorized pay-offs
Motorized portal pay-offs
Motorized cantilever pay-offs
Cantilever shaft driven pay-offs
Steam or nitrogen CV lines
Telescopic tubes for curing lines
Washing trough with accumulating tank for curing furnaces
Water troughs / Pressure chambers for curing lines
Salt melts air pressure vulcanizing system
Salt melts curing furnace without air pressure
Horizontal accumulators – Compensators
Vertical accumulators – Compensators
Dual capstan
Counter belt capstan
Counter belt capstan with dancer
Operator panel 5,7-10

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