Rotating Machines

Single Twist Stranders/Cablers

Our range of single-twist stranding machines are designed with the updated to the latest technologies.
It also includes an innovative version equipped with a patented sliding flyer arm granting faster operational speed and reduced energy consumptions.
Single Twist are expressly designed to produce LAN, DATA and Instrumentation cable and flexible strands (Class 5).
They can also operate as back-twist pay-off to produce multi-passes strands.

Advantages at a glance:

  • High production speed;
  • Winding tension control with dancer located in external pulling capstan;
  • Smooth cable path;
  • Lay length accuracy given by differential gear driving system;
  • Backtwist or driven type pay-off.

Type AST 630 AST 800 AST 1000R AST1000EC* AST 1250 EST 1250
Bobbin size [mm] 630x475 800x600 1000x750 1000 x 640 1250x950 1250x950
Pulley dia. [mm] 200 240 300 300 400 300
Rotation speed [twists/min.] 1200 1000 900 650 600 600
Cable dia. [mm] 12 16 20 20 25 30