Single wire drawing line

Sampsistemi singlewire drawing line

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Single wire drawing lines are normally used for intermediate wire drawing, fine wire and superfine wire for specific application.

They are specially manufactured to drawing special material as plain, copper and tinned copper wire.

Sampsistemi single wire drawing machines have several advantages including:

  • Intermediate and fine wire production range
  • Easy string-up and maintenance operations thanks to full front access and ergonomic design
  • Fully submerged drawing sections
  • Additional spray lubrication available
  • Excellent wire surface quality
  • Great energy savings
  • Annealing performed in a self-generating steam atmosphere
  • Compact design
  • Large diameter annealing rings and long wire path
  • Also suitable for data and communication cables extrusion lines
  • Optional final preheater when in tandem with extrusion line
  • Optional wire temperature control
Drawing machines
MT 250 4A
MT 250 RC 4A / 4 AP
MT 250 RC 6A / 6AP
MT 220 RC
Max drawing cone Ø [mm] 250 250 220 280 140*
Max inlet Ø (hard copper) [mm] 3.20 3.20 1.65 2.00 2.60
Max inlet Ø (soft copper) [mm] 3.50 3.50 1.80 2.60 3.50
Outlet Ø range [mm] 0.32 ÷ 1.40 0.15 ÷ 1.40 0.08 ÷ 0.30 0.15 ÷ 1.40 0.15 ÷ 2.30
No. of wires 1 1 1 1 1 ÷ 2
No. of drafts 17 23 31 9 ÷ 31 9 ÷ 25
Max speed [m/sec] 50 50 50 40 40
No. of horizontal shafts 4 6 6 2-4-6 *
Annealing rings Ø [mm] 250 250 160 ** **

* Z1 is a capstan-type drawing machine
** T-type and Z1-type can be combined with Al type annealers

MTC RC Series

Main advantages:

  • Monolithic structure including drawing and annealing sections
  • Horizontal shafts with tungsten carbide or solid ceramic drawing cones
  • Annealing current from 175A DC to 1200A DC
  • Integrated thermoregulation system for coolant refrigeration and circulation
  • Skin-pass module available for data cables applications
  • Final pre-heater when working in tandem with extrusion line

Main advantages:

  • Multimotor technology for intermediate slip recovery between each couple of cones for better wire quality and energy saving
  • Final capstan driven by separate motor to allow variable final elongation on the final die and reduced die sets for different finished wire diameters
  • For Cu/Cu alloys, AI/AI alloys, CCA, CCS
  • Horizontal shafts with tungsten carbide or solid ceramic drawing cones
  • 2-4-6 cones execution available, left and right hand
  • Submerged or spray type lubrication
  • Annealing current from 300A DC to 2000A DC
  • Integrated thermoregulation system for coolant refrigeration and circulation

Main advantages:

  • Multimotor technology with slip control technology for better wire quality and energy saving
  • Programmable wire elongationon each draft
  • User-friendly design and full access to the work area for easy string-up
  • For Cu/Cu alloys, AI/AI alloys, CCA, CCS
  • Quick change dies
  • Submerged or spray type lubrication
  • Single or twin wire
  • Annealing current from 300A DC to 2000A DC
  • Integrated thermoregulation system for coolant refrigeration and circulation
  • Available version for in-line with enamelling plant


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