Cable Extrusion

Solutions for LAN Cables

LAN cables are widely used in various industries and broadcast applications as they offer enhanced reliability in terms of connection. They are formed by four twisted pairs of insulated wires, which in turn are then twisted between them. To reduce the crosstalk issue the twist pitches of the individual pairs are different.

Our Turn Key solution for LAN Cables 

Sampsistemi one-step or two-step solutions are specifically engineered to improve your production capacity guaranteeing the highest performance of your LAN cables (Cat. 6A, 7A, 7+, up to 8).

Thanks to a combination of research, high-technology machinery and process know-how, Sampsistemi offers an insulation and assembling line meeting the highest LAN cable standards.


Solutions for LAN cables Sampsistemi Sampsistemi Solutions for LAN Cables SETIC

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