Cable Extrusion

Steel Coating Line

Sampsistemi engineered different type of steel coating lines.
We can provide extrusion lines available for the production of steel wires, steel stranded, and steel ropes covered with different thermoplastic materials (PVC, PE, XLPE, PP and PA as Nylon).
The best quality of the final product in terms of surface quality, wire concentricity, insulation adhesion and integrity is ensured by our technical solutions present in the line like an high performed extruder group, heavy and accurate caterpillars.
A production flexibility is allowed by a wide range of pay-offs and take-ups suitable for coils, basket and big reels up to diameter of 5000 mm. Complete line is managed by centralized and friendly control touch screen panel (HMI) placed next to the extruder for an easy access during any set-up and regulation. Production date should be recorded and discharged according your organization.
Since 2014, we are also  involved in the Life+ Inno Pro Wire project in partnership with Radici Group and Officine Maccaferri. The project which is funded by the European Union, aims to design an innovative process for the manufacturing of extruded steel wire with a lower environmental impact. This new state of the art process is used in the civil engineering industry to make DT wire mesh protection and containment structures.
Line Types:

  • SI A1: Extrusion line for single steel wire and stranded steel wires covering with max diameter 5 mm
  • SI D1: Extrusion line for single steel wire covering in tandem with Drawing Machine for max diameter 5 mm
  • SI B1: Extrusion line for steel ropes covering with max diameter up to 80 mm