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Rotating Machines

Rotating machines are mechanical machines for the wire and cable manufacturing: they are used to strand bare and electroplated copper, aluminum and relevant alloy wires and lay up insulated conductors.

Sampsistemi   characterized by great flexibility which guarantees you top linear speeds and minimal energy dispersion thanks to high-performance motors and bows.

We offer you a wide range of rotating machines such as double twist machines designed with a view to produce less stressed strands at increasingly higher speeds and single twist machines with a wide application.

Complete the product portfolio a wide range of payoff (static, dynamic, single or multiple station etc.) to meet all customer requirements.

Sampsistemi rotating equipment portfolio is now enriched with products of Setic and Pourtier, companies with more than 100 years of combined experience in the design and manufacture of high technology rotating equipment. Indeed, our customers could find all the typical machinery for stranding operation such as double/triple twist solution for twinners and quadders, group twinners, single twist stranders and cablers, large single twist stranders and cablers, large double twist stranders and cablers, rigid stranders, cage type screening lines, tubular stranders, bow stranders and cablers, planetary lines, concentric stranders, drum twisters, taping and armouring machines.

Our engineering team is at your disposal to provide you with innovative, highly productive rotating machines or lines. Quality is always a priority and all our solutions are designed and manufactured to offer you the highest cost-effective quality on the market. We have always invested in innovation and technology training to build stable and high-skilled teams of engineers who are able to offer clients the best possible solution. Our range of solutions stretches from the wire drawing to the extrusion and bunching.

Double Twist Bunchers

Sampsistemi supplies a complete range of Double Twist Bunchers to strand copper, aluminium and relevant alloy wires and lay up insulated conductors.

Double/Triple Twist Solution for Twinners and Quadders

We can supply a wide range of products to produce pairing, quadders used on different application (signal, instrumentation, data, bus, aviation, industrial, Ethernet, automotive and LAN for Cat. 5/5E/6/6E/7/7A/8).

Group Twinners

The Setic Group Twinners ensure to produce LAN cable (Cat. 5/5E/6/6E/7/7A/8 ) in a single passage.

Single Twist Stranders/Cablers

Setic provides Single Twist Stranders and Cablers for high speed cabling of quality insulated cables.

Large Single Twist Stranders/Cablers

Pourtier & Setic provide a complete range of Large Single Twist Stranders and Cablers up to 2500mm.

Large Double Twist Stranders/Cablers

Pourtier manufactures Large Double Twist Stranders and Cablers perfectly adapted for 7, 19, 37 and 61 wires.

Rigid Stranders

Rigid Stranders are Pourtier main core business. We can propose customized rigid stranding lines from 500 mm to 800 mm cages.

Cage Type Screening Line

Cage Type Screening lines are part of Pourtier core business.Our design allows to use both copper and Aluminium wires.

Tubular Stranders

Pourtier Tubular Stranders (from 250 to 800 mm reels) are dedicated for stranding, laying-up, steel wire armouring and optical ground wire.

Bow Stranders/Cablers

The Pourtier Bow Stranders and Cablers are specially designed for the laying-up of round insulated cores.


Pourtier is currently one of the key suppliers for Planetary Stranding and Armouring lines for OPGW, SWA, CTC. control and umbilical cables and steel rope.

Concentric Stranders

The Pourtier Concentric Stranders can strand up to 61 copper, aluminum and aluminum alloy wires.

Drum Twisters

The Pourtier Drum Twisters integrates all parameters to fit with severe production requirement of high voltage and extra high voltage power cables.

Taping/Armouring Machines

We manufacture a wide range of taping and armouring machines for various processes such as Steel, Paper, PE, PPE, PVC, etc.

Solutions for LAN Cables

Sampsistemi one-step or two-step solutions are specifically engineered to improve your production capacity guaranteeing the highest performance of your LAN cables (Cat. 6A, 7A, 7+, up to 8).


We manufacture a wide range of taping and armouring machines for various processes such as Steel, Paper, PE, PPE, PVC, etc.

Solution for Building Cables

Thanks to a combination of research, high-technology machinery and process expertise, Sampsistemi Group offers you a complete range of building cables production lines from the drawing one to the final jacketing process passing through the assembling of wire conductors and insulated wires.