Sampsistemi at the Wire 2016

The upcoming Wire show in Düsseldorf (April 4-8, 2016) will mark the 80th Anniversary of Sampsistemi. The Italian company looks forward to meeting customers, partners and friends at Hall 9, Booth 9C60 to celebrate together and share the latest news concerning new developments, investments and more!

A number of innovative solutions for the manufacturing of wire and cable will be on display to highlight the importance of this anniversary. Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting ones.

Aluminium and its alloys are playing an important role in the development of wire and cable solutions for automotive applications, as a consequence of new environmental regulations, price pressure and more on-board applications. For these reasons, Sampsistemi has developed a whole range of products specifically designed for the multi-wire drawing, in-line annealing, spooling and successive bunching of aluminium wire, which will be displayed at the upcoming Wire show.

The Sampsistemi Multiwire Drawing Platform (DM Platform) is based on the splitting of gear transmission into two or more independent sections, with separate AC servomotors. This allows slip recovery between each section and at the inlet side. All motors are synchronised by means of a control motion system. Slipping reduction and the improvement in the quality of gear transmission, bearings and seals result in a reduction of energy consumption by 10-15% and in a consequent improvement of production costs. Die holders have been specifically designed to improve wire lubrication within the die, to reduce friction and to facilitate the wire cleaning, thereby enhancing the product quality and prolonging the die life. Zirconium oxide pulling rings are used to reach the best possible quality surface of the wire.

The Sampsistemi Annealing Platform includes a number of technical features, such as multimotor technology, adjustable pre-heating length and a wire-walker before contact rings. In addition, the cleaning device on contact rings ensures the integrity of the wire surface, the requested physical properties (mechanical strength, elongation, conductivity and resistance) and maintains the diameter and roundness of the wire. The control system is able to set up production parameters, in particular the kinematic ratio between each axis, in order to form a production recipe stored in the HMI panel. The Annealer Platform is completed with the latest development in annealing technology, in particular the development of the electronic equipment that reduces current distortion (THD-I) and energy waste (PF > 0.90).

Also on display, a Sampsistemi Extrusion Group for the Sheathing of HV Cables with a diameter of up to 180 mm, with both smooth and corrugated tape. Thanks to its highly innovative structure, this extrusion group allows an important reduction of production costs if compared to traditional methods. This new solution has been developed together with CJ TEK, our Swiss Technology Partner for Extrusion Crossheads, who will be a co-exhibitor at the Wire show together with Sampsistemi, displaying a number of high-technology, innovative crossheads for many different applications.

These and many more surprises will be awaiting you at Wire Düsseldorf, Hall 9, Booth 9C60. Visit our stand and follow us on our SNs to get to know more!