Sampsistemi founding member of MindSphere World Italy

Industry 4.0 represents a different cultural approach and a new production organization, based on digitization.

In this specific production market, its success will only be possible if the solutions offered by machinery and service suppliers to wire and cable manufacturers bring an added value in terms of productivity, efficiency and quality. What is more, this added value must be proportional to the investments required for updating production systems, Information Technology and, last but not least, for the company organization and the personnel training.

The real challenge posed by this innovation effort is identifying which of the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0 is of widespread use in the wire and cable manufacturing sector, provided that they can all be applied.

At Sampsistemi we believe that the most interesting technologies are predictive maintenance, simulation, horizontal and vertical integration, industrial internet, data analysis and cybersecurity, all of them based on could technology.

Sampsistemi’s Industry 4.0 solution, as displayed during the last Wire Dusseldorf Show, is a scalable solution with different tools, developed with cloud technology, that has been designed also to upgrade existing lines in customer plants. All of these are available for HMI, PC and mobile application. Applications are designed for different user profiles, from the Operator to the Maintenance Team, from the Production Manager to the Technology Development Team.

To give you an idea of how we strongly believe in the Industry 4.0 challenge, we are proud to tell you we are one of the 18 founding memebers of MindSphere World Italy and our Product Manager Enrico Conte is a Governing Council and Technical Committee member.

Founded in Germany back in January to drive the development of the IoT ecosystem, the MindSphere World Association is based on a cloud-based open IoT operating System developed by Siemens which enables data of any company, factory, plant or infrastructure to be collected, analyzed and converted into knowledge and information. Therefore the MindSphere capability to connect real things to the digital world makes clear how this ecosystem helps to secure business success in the age of Industry 4.0.

The Italian association aims to extend the MindSphere ecosystem all around the world and to promote research and development. Indeed it will allow to learn more about technology, marketing and business models in order to lead this MindSphere ecosystem of benefit to all, maximising its value to users.

The founder members of MindSphere World Italy are:

Sampsistemi Srl, Buffoli Transfer SpA, Camozzi Digital Srl, Crippa SpA, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA, Famar Srl, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, Itcore SpA, Jobs SpA, Mario Frigerio SpA, Miraitek Srl, Nordmeccanica SpA, Pama SpA, Rittal SpA, Rettificatrici Ghiringhelli SpA, Salmoiraghi SpA, Siemens SpA, Zani SpA

Here the Siemens Official Press Release.