Sampsistemi Solutions for the Silicone Rubber Extrusion

The silicone rubber insulation of wire conductors or sheathing/jacketing of pre-assembled insulated cables is one of the most widespread solutions to answer the ever-growing market request for high-performance cables.

The properties of silicone rubber make it the ideal material due to the possibility to use it where temperature ranges are widely variable. Indeed, silicon rubber is halogen-free and low-smoke as well as very flexible and resistant to a number of chemical agents.

Thanks to its wide range of machines, Sampsistemi can offer turnkey solutions for silicone rubber insulation and sheathing lines from less than 1 mm2 (18 AWG) to more than 400 mm2 (750 MCM) and final cable diameters of more than 50 mm (2 inches).

Sampsistemi is a leader in engineering and producing tailor-made extrusion lines by means of a huge product portfolio made up of different size machinery, from pay-offs through take-ups to liquid thermoregulated extruders realized for silicone applications with single layer or dual layer, including the striping option.

Sampsistemi extruders are completed with all equipment needed to load the silicone rubber stripe and accurately control process stability.

One of the most important parts of the line is the vulcanizing section, since this unit controls the final chemical specification of insulation. Sampsistemi adopts two main solutions to fulfil this task, bath salt and infrared, which ensure the best insulation quality and the highest energy efficiency. Sampsistemi technical experts evaluate customer projects one by one and suggest the most adequate solution to fulfil their requests.

Sampsistemi is the ideal partner for your extrusion tasks and has a vast experience in the field. Founded in 1936, the company continues to change, to invest, to study the wire and cable market with passion, flexibility and innovation in the constant strive to provide our customers with the best possible solution.