High quality, rugged, signal integrity and resistance to extreme environments are some of the main requirements that aerospace industry needs for cable and wire. SAMP is able to fully satisfy these requirements through its cable and wire production lines. Thanks to our long experience in the sector, our wire and cable production does not only meets industry needs, but also ensures high quality performance providing our clients with a great competitive advantages among their competitors.

Avionic systems play an important role in aerospace industry and they have a considerable amount of cabling within. All our production lines are totally customized and comply with the most stringent standards in term of reliability and quality. Aerospace industry primary need is that wire and cable must be able to withstand utmost conditions and transmit signals at a wide temperature range based on the location where they are installed. For instance, the temperature range used for engine cables varies from -65°C to 260°C(-85°F to 500°F).

The main application of wiress and cable are:

  • Light weight energy conductors
  • Signals
  • Data transmission

The SAMP manufacturing programme includes drawing machines (single wire and multi-wire version) for the production of nickel-plated copper wires and alloys as well as stranding machines and high temperature insulation lines (e.g. fluoropolymers), expertly crafted for your aerospace applications.