Infrastructure cables supply power and signals according to different environmental conditions. We can find this cable type in public buildings, ports, industries, energy power generators of different types.

SAMP wire and cable production lines tailored on clients specific needs enable them to ensure a production of performing and high quality cables. Quality is essential in this environment and is a synonymous of reliability. No matter the kind of infrastructure cable, high quality and resistant cables are essential in:

  • Open conditions
  • Underground conditions
  • Tunnelling conditions
  • Accessories

A mining high quality cable must withstand:

  • Tensile loads
  • Torsional stresses
  • Minimum bending
  • Most severe conditions (High temperature /Low temperature/ UV irradiation, salt-water submersion and ozone)

We have overcome challenges, regardless clients singular need, our engineering skill and experience enable us to offer you best value and tailored solutions to boost your productivity as well as to reduce your cost.

SAMP should support you with copper and aluminium drawing machines and extrusion lines engineered for all main materials requested by the market like PVC, XLPE, LS0H and HFFR materials.