Oil & Gas

The whole production, refining, distribution and retailing of oil & gas represents the biggest industry in terms of value. Through our experience and knowledge in these industry, we assist clients in designing and manufacturing wire and cable production lines able to satisfy both industry requirements and specific clients' needs.

The oil and gas application conditions are very broad including subsea drilling to pipelines that cross different landscapes. Cabling in this sector are extremely important, and more than 70% of cabling issues depend on the bad quality of it. Thereby it is essential to have wire and cable production machines are able to reduce your cost and ensure you a high quality. At SAMP, we endeavour to deliver cost effective, innovative and tailored solutions.

In the oil and gas industry there are different types of cablings:

  • Power
  • Ethernet
  • Control
  • Instrumentation

The main requirements of these cables are:

  • Sunlight resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • Extra low temp
  • Extra high temp
  • Low smoke zero halogen
  • Halogen free
  • Continuous flex
  • Maximum mechanical protection

Our solid knowledge acquired through many years of experience in the sector enable us to offer the best copper wire drawing, wire stranding and cable extrusion production lines for insulation and sheathing process with different materials like PE, PP, XLPE, HFFR, LS0H, FEP, ETFE, PEEK. No matter which application, what we want is to provide you with a tailored solution able to give you advantage over your competitors.