Renewable Energy

Renewable energy industry has increased in the past decades, strengthening the will to exploit naturally replenished resources in order to get energy. Nowadays, transportation, rural energy services, electricity generation and other areas of application are provided by the renewable and clean energy. The future of this kind of energy is bright and worldwide investments have been increased yearly by many countries and organizations.

The amount of cabling involved in these application areas is substantial, effecting the efficiency of the delivery of energy services. High quality wires and cables are fundamental in order to ensure reliability and optimized performance. According to different area of application, they need to withstand extreme conditions as the one in the wind turbine, to have a great resistance to oils, chemical and solvents, to withstand continuous flexing and torsional movements in other case.

SAMP long expertise in the sector gives us the ability to design and manufacture the most suitable wire and cable production lines fully meeting not only the requirements of the industry but also your individual needs, thus ensuring the best return of investment.

The wire flexibility is guaranteed by the SAMP copper multi wire drawing machines and very fast bunching lines. The cable protection is realized with SAMP extruders engineered for all the main materials requested by the market like to XLPE, LS0H and HFFR materials.