Ship / Marine Cables

Marine wires and cables must hold out against challenging and extreme conditions. The possibility of corrosion and to be affected by harmful materials as oil, gases, salt and moisture is high, thereby they must be resistant and reliable in order to satisfy these requirements.

The shipboard cables are utilized abroad on many different kinds of marine crafts including ocean drilling rings, cruise, vessels, naval. The range of shipboard cables include:

  • Control
  • Power
  • Data transmission
  • Communication
  • Instrumentation

These shipboard cables need to perform at most ensuring reliability and safety both for passengers and cargo. Our teams deeply know the needs and requirements of this industry and are able to design and manufacture the most efficient wire and cable production machine lines.

At SAMP, we care about every single need and we manufacture machine lines able to give you solid competitive advantages not only for the quality but also reducing your production cost from the drawing up to assembling / stranding and extrusion with all main materials requested by the different applications.