Double twist machines

Sampsistemi double twist bunchers
Sampsistemi double twist bunchers

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We supply a complete range of double twist bunchers to strand copper, aluminum, alloy wires, and lay up insulated conductors.

Sampsistemi bunching machines are an efficient solution for fine and superfine wire ensuring a high accurate and precision wire production.

Thanks to our long and solid experience in the sector, we are able to completely tailor our bunching lines upon your singular requirements and industry specific needs.

The main advantages of our machines are:

  • Compact design
  • Low energy consumption thanks to high performance motors and bows
  • Large diameter ceramic rotor pulleys protected from air turbulence
  • Accurate control of take-up pull and of the main machine functions
  • Limited number of brush collectors
  • Sampsistemi tube-type closed bows available (better resistivity and lower consumption)

Our double twist bunching machines are designed with a view to produce less stressed strands at increasingly higher speeds. Quality is always a priority and all our solutions are designed and manufactured in order to provide you with the highest cost effective quality on the market.

Sampsistemi bunching lines feature cutting edge technological equipment for the wire unwinding process. To better satisfy client’s needs, we supply a complete range of static flyer-type motorized and dynamic motorized pay-offs, equipped with dancers for tension adjustment and suitable for reels up to 1250 mm diameter.

Main advantages of static flyer type motorized pay offs:

  • For reels up to 1000 mm
  • Built in pneumatic dancer for constant tension control
  • Wire break detector

The benefits of the dynamic pay off are:

  • For reels up 1250 mm
  • Integrated loader / unloader available
  • Built in pneumatic dancer for constant tension control
  • Easy reel handing: no forklift needed
  • Wire break detector
  • Wire separation device for 7-19 Unilay strand


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Double twist bunching machine for AI BM 630